IT Recycling and the Environment

Recycling and the Environment

We take recycling seriously. Waste regulations including the WEEE Directive have been introduced to ensure that all those involved in the production, handling and disposal of waste accept responsibility for the effects that their IT asset production, use and disposal will have on the environment. Corporate Recycling Facilities constantly review and update our procedures to ensure that our clients redundant assets are disposed of in compliance with all current European Directives.

Our waste and recycling policy is informed by the 5 steps Waste Hierarchy. This addresses the ranking of waste according to the environmental impact being prevention, re-use, recycling, recovery and disposal. Driving waste management up the waste hierarchy is central to the development of sustainable waste management and the ambition of a Zero Waste society.

We emphasise our commitment to reuse, and wherever possible we endeavour to source all possible outlets for the recycling of working equipment via our UK and export customer base. It is our aim to ensure that product life is maximised.

By working with our customers we can provide information and support with their disposal strategy – to effectively manage and reduce waste, to ensure adherence to current regulations and to ensure minimal environmental impact.

We operate from an environmentally licenced premises, and use only fully licensed electronic and precious metal recycling partners and licensed waste transfer stations, therefore ensuring that where appropriate your assets are dismantled and recycled appropriately.

All equipment is recycled and disposed in accordance with the European Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) and in accordance to the Industry Council for Electronic Equipment Recycling (ICER) guidelines.

All data is removed according to US Department of Defence Standards.
All waste is recorded and documented with a clear audit trail.
Recycling and Disposal includes an audit by serial, asset or tag number or by headcount.
Every collection is concluded with appropriate certification.

We ensure that our clients' assets are always handled responsibly and securely and that all Duty of Care obligations are met. 

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