Asset Management

Asset Management

We are here to give our customers peace of mind and to make the recycling and disposal process simple and straightforward. We will help you with your waste strategy according to your needs and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and our friendly service.

We will help you create the best asset management strategy, visiting your premises if requested, maximising any residual value in your inventory through our remarketing division, identifying the most suitable disposal process for you and handling all the logistics.

A range of non-liveried vehicles enable us to collect our clients' assets efficiently and with complete corporate privacy.

Assets are collected in large metal cages and pallet boxes ensuring quick and efficient collections with the minimum of disruption. Using a 7.5 tonne lorry enables collection of 8 full pallets and is small enough to enter and park in Central London.

All equipment is audited and all corporate identity tags are removed to ensure privacy.

Hard drives are either physically destroyed or wiped to US Department of Defence standard 5220.22-M ensuring that all data is irretrievable. Hard drives that are faulty are physically destroyed.

The Asset Management Process used by Corporate Recycling Facilities enables our clients to track the progress of their inventory from collection to final disposal.

Upon completion of the disposal program our clients will receive:

An inventory of the items collected along with a description, asset number and serial number.
Written confirmation that all data has been wiped or destroyed and that all Directives relating to the disposal of hazardous materials are complied with.
A copy of the appropriate waste transfer note or consignment note.


Throughout the recovery process, our clients are assured of complete corporate privacy.

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